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If you already have an existing resume, you can upload it here (click on browse and look for the file then press send):


IF YOU DON'T HAVE AN EXISTING RESUME TO UPLOAD, please send us the following information below the best way you can to: Take a few moments to write the following information. Don't worry about your writing SKILLS or formatting AT ALL! You can send it SLOPPY, UNORGANIZED, with as much excess information as you can! It is our job to make it look good!

In your own words, please briefly describe the type of position you are seeking. Try to be as specific as possible: We need to know it all!

List all of the schools that you have attended after high school. Include the cities/states and the approximate dates you attended them. Try to be very specific. Mention whether or not you completed their program(s), what degree(s) or certificate(s) you were awarded for completion, etc; Include any technical training, workshops, seminars, and/or certifications.

Please list your most recent jobs. Include the city/state for each one, the title of your position, and the start/end dates during which you were employed. You also need to describe some of your key job duties for each positions and if any successes, awards, or commendations received. Don't worry about the significant of the information that we are asking. We will understand everything later!

Let us know if you've been involved with any social, political, or academic organizations. Perhaps you contribute in some way to your community. Even if you're not sure about it's relevance, let us know: We may or may not have some use for it in creating your resume!

Miscellaneous Things (Optional)
Please tell us about anything else like perhaps some other type of skills you may have that has never surface into anything. Or anything else you feel we should include or we need to look further into. Please let us know!


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