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About us

Ackfast.com is a marketing & advertising platform designed for individuals and businesses to facilitate financial growth.  Our main focus is to make available the kind of exposure that’s needed to jump your business to the next level.

In the process of creative thinking we have developed a marketing concept and platform that’s designed for instant gratification.  This concept derived from the wave pattern of today’s technological world. 

AckFast.com is mostly commission driven (residual income/royalties) Membership accounts, Sponsorship accounts, Affiliate programs, and Joint Ventures.

We provide an array of services, Direct Marketing, Online Advertising, Social Media, Street Team—Flyer Distribution, Landing Pages w/ Google AdWords, and more.

For more information or to submit a proposal, via email us at service@ackfast.com or click on learn more above.








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How it works!

What happen after I place an ad?
Your ad goes directly to all of our members via text and email.  The unique feature of our service is that you can control the "time" for people to respond to your "ad" and also the time for the (phone calls) to "stop".  But, you can also choose the option for us to select someone for you, instead of receiving the calls directly.

Would my phone line be protected?
Yes, all of the calls are being funnel through our system.

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How do I terminate or suspend the service?


How do I reactive the service?
You can reactive the service by following the same steps as you would for suspension / termination.


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Testimonials—our back to work program.

02, 2012

When I first came to one of the AckFast.com seminars, I did not know what to expect.

I was greeted kindly and professionally by Mr. Mikado.  As he held his presentation, I became very interested in the services that AckFast provides to not only the members, but also the surrounding community.

Within one week's time, AckFast.com had sent me out for my first interview.  Shortly thereafter, I received a call for my second interview with the same company.  Although we were waiting for a decision on the position; Mr. Mikado and his staff continued to work hard to find suitable employment for me as quickly as possible.

I am very pleased to say that within no time at all, AckFast had found a position that was suitable for me.  After my interview with another AckFast.com client, I was hired on the spot. I am in a beautiful office with wonderful people and making great money.

If it were not for AckFast.com, I may be still looking for work.

I owe AckFast.com a great deal of gratitude.

Thank you all at AckFast.com, you're the greatest.

A. Hemingway

01, 2012

Dear Mr. Mikado:

I am typing you a letter of recommendation for AckFast.com the cleaning agency.
I am very satisfied with this new agency that was advertised in the newspaper.
Every one of the workers are good and sincere in their work.


Aliza Frayda Pilchick

28, 2011

My name is Shirley Siu.  I met with Mr. Mikado in his office in Manhattan.  Their services are so great! I felt so respected and comfortable with them.  And with their help I was able to obtain work right away—a job that I like very much.  I am so thankful to ACKFAST!

Shirley Siu

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